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prexy n : the head administrative officer of a college or university [syn: president]

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  1. a college or university president

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The Presidential Issue, nicknamed the Prexies by collectors, is the series of definitive postage stamps issued in the United States in 1938, featuring all 29 U.S. presidents from George Washington through Calvin Coolidge. They are depicted as small busts printed on solid-color designs through 50¢, then black on white with colored lettering for $1, $2, and $5 values. Additional stamps depicted Benjamin Franklin (1/2¢), Martha Washington (1 1/2¢), and the White House (4 1/2¢).
Many values were included just so that all presidents were on a stamp and did not necessarily correspond to a postal rate. One of the (difficult) games for Prexie collectors is to find a cover with, for instance, a single 16¢ stamp that pays a combination of rate and fees valid during the Prexies' period of usage. Many such covers remain to be discovered; some sellers on eBay have been surprised to discover a seemingly ordinary-looking cover bid up to several hundred dollars because it was one of the sought-after solo usages.
The original issue was in the form of sheet stamps printed on a rotary press, except for the dollar values, which were flat-plate printed. On January 20, 1939, nine values were issued in coil form, consisting of all low values from 1¢ to 6¢, and the 10¢, all perforated 10 vertically. On January 27, the four values from 1¢ to 3¢ were also issued in vertical coil form, perforated 10 horizontally.

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  • The Prexies (La Posta Monograph, Volume 2)
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